Ethical issues in technogy ‘continuation’



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Ethical issues in technogy ‘continuation’
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Set up a MS Word document to include both of the following steps:

Step 1:

You will research information about an ethical issue and an emerging technology. 

• Find at least three (3) sites that identify and describe the ethical issue that you want to research• Enter these into a Word document• Find at least three (3) sites that identify an emerging technology of your choosing• Enter these into the Word document as well• NOTE: Your chosen ethical issue and your chosen emerging technology must be related in some wayFor instance, if social media is your emerging technology, then choose an issue that is ethically related to that  emergingtechnology• Keep all (6) URLs in the Word document.▪ NOTE: URL means address of a Web page

Step 2:  

Create a bibliography (reference page) using the Word references feature. 

Include each of your sources. Use the resources available on the GCF LearnFree website  on “How to create a bibliography or works cited page in Word.   

Once you’ve been through the above site, 

•  •  ▪  ▪ For each of your 6 URLs (from Step 1), create a source through MS Word’s Citations and Bibliography section ▪ Have MS Word generate your Bibliography or Works Cited table to include APA-style information on your 6 sources▪ Enter your Bibliography or Works Cited table into the Word document


When you did your MS Assignment #1, you chose self-driving cars as your emerging technology and their negative impact as your ethical issue.


– There are statements made throughout that are not backed up by any citations.

– Make sure you have at least 6 references under the “Bibliography” section in APA style.

– You didn’t really connect your emerging technology to the ethical issue in a convincing manner.

– You’ll get a chance to provide more on the above items, when you do the final draft; that is, the next assignment.

MS Word Assignment 4

Update your MS Word Assignment #3 by iincorporating  the feedback you received on that Assignment 3 (the initial draft) to arrive at your final draft: your MS Word Assignment 4.

Ensure to format your paper according to the APA formatting style.  It should include:

· Title page

· Table of Contents

· Abstract

· Body of paper with sources credited parenthetically

· See the explanation on this below

· References page (having at least 6 sources in APA style)

Submit this final draft document (one Word file) by clicking on the MS Word Assignment 4 link.

What Should the Body of Paper Include?

The body of your paper should include:

· Introduction: The introduction begins by introducing the broad overall topic and providing basic background information.  It then narrows down to the specific research question relating to this topic.  It provides the purpose and focus for the rest of the paper and sets up the justification for the research.

· A brief explanation of your choices. The body should tell why you chose that particular “Ethical Issue” and “Emerging Technology”. Explain in detail on what you discovered.

· Explain the benefits and limitations of the emerging technology that you have chosen to write about. Details should be supported by your research.

· Evaluate the ethical issue that you have chosen. Relate this issue to the identified emerging technology (above). Support your opinion by citing facts learned in your research.