Ethics in the News Paper

Ethics in the News Paper


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Ethics in the News Paper
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Case Background

Note: Business Emails will be discussed in Class 6

Your new position is Business Analyst with KG Consulting that specializes in helping companies develop CSR programs.

One of your first jobs is to monitor the news about breaches in business ethics and then write a weekly email called “Ethics in the News” that informs your firm on important news stories and developments. You address these emails each week to James Reinnoldt, Head of Business Ethics Research who then forwards it to others.

Case Assignment

You just read that Facebook was recently fined $5 Billion USD by the U.S. government and you feel that this is an important story for your next weekly email update.

You are to write the Ethics in the News email for the week of October 24th that summarizes the Facebook story in 80-100 words

The Email Components

A subject line is very important. In this case, the text is up to you but the purpose of the email should be clear and it MUST include the words KG Consulting somewhere in the Subject Line.

Your (English) first and last name must show in the “from” line of the email, or lose .25 points

An outside source is needed. You can either make a direct reference to it in the memo such as “According to the October 25, 2019 (Business Section Page 12. URL XXX) edition of the Wall Street Journal, Facebook…..”

All rules learned thus far about effective business writing must be applied, but there will be an emphasis on writing concisely: Remember, this email is limited to 80-100 words

Grammatical and spelling errors will result in a -.10 point penalty for each mistake

Emails must have proper footers and salutations (KG is a very formal company)

Only one copy of the email should be sent. Multiple copies: lose .25 points for each copy

Mr. Reinnoldt will not be available to answer any questions about this case after Class 6 (unless there is an error in these guidelines)

Grade Rubric:

Proper salutation, subject line and to/from domains: 1 point

Concise, clear and concrete writing: 1 point

Correctness: Grammar, spelling, signature line: 1 point

Bonus points: Best email in the class: +.10

Best subject line in the class:: +.05

Best footer in the class: +.05