Examine the Influence that Nursing Models and Theories have Upon Research and Practice

Examine the Influence that Nursing Models and Theories have Upon Research and Practice

1.In the present discussion I was able to learn to examine the influence that nursing models and theories have upon research and practice.


In this case I was able to learn the importance of the application of the Theory of Attachment as a powerful resource to consider when developing personality and behaviors in children, starting from very early stages in life.

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Examine the Influence that Nursing Models and Theories have Upon Research and Practice
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The Theory of Attachment was developed in 1951 by the British Psychoanalyst John Bowlby. He basically defined Attachment as a mutually satisfying relationship between a primary caregiver (parent, grandparent or a main attachment figure), and a child, in which the caregiver is involved in helping the child to develop a safe and protective feeling, that will result in a healthier  and stronger human being in terms of determining a more secure individual from physical, mental, emotional and social points of view. Therefore, it is essential for a child from very early stages in life to develop a mutual, trustable and satisfying relationship with a primary caregiver, as it has been scientifically proven that the lack of a healthy attachment relationship for a child can result in an individual with traumas, illnesses and insecure, specially in the presence of risk factors such as abuse and poverty, among others.Examine the Influence that Nursing Models and Theories have Upon Research and Practice

As a child mental health is one of the top national priorities for nursing (Eckardt et al., 2017) and the nurse may be the first professional who comes in contact with parents and children, it is essential that the professional nurse observes and assess the existing relationship among the child and his/ her caregiver, including their social environment, such as conditions of life of that family, socio-economic situation, lack of one or both parents for any reason,  and also parents mental health. It is also important to assess if there is any existing condition that can interfere in building this relationship, such as altered child current’s mental status for example. However, it is important to educate the parents about the importance of developing strong attachments and bonds together with the child. The nurse can use different tools to educate the parents. One of the ways for example is by teaching them about the importance of the Attachment Theory and the positive outcomes for the child’s future life. Another way is to reinforce positive behaviors towards the child. For example, by listening to the child, by encouraging the child with kind words, by encouraging a warm, sensitive and supportive interaction with the child. When the parents get the chance to observe the nurse, they will try to emulate to interact with the child the same way. By building a healthy and supportive relationship among the child and his/ her parents, the child will become a more secure person, and will always come look for support and protection whenever needed. Examine the Influence that Nursing Models and Theories have Upon Research and Practice


2.The theory of attachment, as defined by John Bowlby, relates to bonds and relationships that are formed between individuals, more importantly, between parents and children and people in love (Bosmans et al., 2020). Social psychologists have contributed to the theory, noting that the two most important things that have to be present during the formation of attachments are nurturance and responsiveness, which should mainly originate from the perceived caregivers (Bosmans et al., 2020). In response to this week?s student learning outcomes, the philosophical underpinnings of the attachment theory are presented, along with the discussion of how the theory, as a middle-range theory, is applied to research and practice have been presented.

Based on the theory, nurses should aim to encourage caregivers to engage in behaviors

that show immediate responsiveness to their children. Bowlby suggested that children will

always seek attention whenever they are distressed, frightened, or feel the need for proximity to their caregiver (Cherniak et al., 2021). In his theory, Bowlby added that children who receive

immediate comfort and care from caregivers have an increased sense of protection, which

continues to adulthood. Other social psychologists argue that adults who grew up in

environments that felt safe have increased chances of survival because specific disorders that

could relate to childhood anxiety and depression are rare in such people (Bosmans et al., 2020). Hence, nurses should encourage caregivers to watch their responsiveness whenever their children need them and act promptly.

In addition to encouraging parents/caregivers to provide prompt responses to their

children?s call for help/attention, nurses should also attempt to stimulate behaviors that

encourage nurturing and caring for their children. Findings/propositions from different

sociologists and psychologists suggest that nurturing parents are consistent in their caregiving 3 roles and hence emerge as people/figures that their young ones can depend on due to the quality of care they receive (Cherniak et al., 2021). As a result, the sense of trust and confidence grows higher than in situations where the opportunity for attachment can be termed limited, for example, in the case of orphanages where caregivers may be limited, hence lacking the chance to nurture and/or meet the needs of all the children. Therefore, nurses should always encourage caregivers to act in a way that nurtures their children to ensure that they see and regard them as a source of motivation, courage, and security. Examine the Influence that Nursing Models and Theories have Upon Research and Practice

Working with caregivers can hence be considered crucial, especially in the formation of

attachments between them and their children. As the theory of attachment suggests, the nature of the attachment, which would include the health and social security of children, will be promoted by the kinds of behaviors their parents exhibit. Hence, nurses who work with caregivers thus need to propose behaviors that encourage nurturance and responsiveness to children.  Examine the Influence that Nursing Models and Theories have Upon Research and Practice