Field Experience Assignment

Field Experience Assignment

Field experience assignment.

Please read all instructions

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Field Experience Assignment
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Option 2:

Due to Covid-19, you have an option to complete your field experiences by observing videos if you are unable to visit an educational facility. This field experience will be a combination of videos and activities created by the professor.  Follow the directions below for this assignment:

Watch each of the videos in each section:

  1. Section One:
  2. Watch the Following Videos
  3. Math
  4. High School/Modern Day Segregation
  1. 1st Social Studies
  2. PreK Autisum
  3. Section Two:
  4. Watch the Following Videos
  5. Laney Elem.


  1. Section Three:
  2. Watch the Following Videos
  1. 4th Science
  2. 5th Math
  3. ELL Strategies


Answer the following questions for each section:

  1. What theories did you observe through watching the videos? Be specific with mentioning the theories and where you observed them. You should include a description of at least three theories. Be sure to describe what was happening in the video that allowed you to connect it to these three theories. You can reference all or some of the videos.
  2. Describe at least three specific strategies that you noted in the videos that you can use in your classroom. What makes you believe that these strategies will be effective in your classroom? How will these strategies impact teaching and learning.
  3. Was there anything in the videos that surprised you? Explained why you were surprised by this in the video. If nothing surprised you explained why and how you would improve parts of the video.
  4. What did you observe that you would not include in your classroom? Why would you not include this into your classroom? Field Experience Assignment

Upload your answers to each question into one Word document—you will have a total of 12 questions answered (4 questions for each section). You will divide your paper into three sections that say: Section One, Section Two, and Section Three. You can copy and paste the questions into your paper. You can answer each question fully. Remember that this assignment reflects 10 hours of observations plus the time that you reflect on the observations.

Some of the themes and concepts you may want to explore are: social justice, multicultural education, equity, opportunity gap, achievement gap, critical race theory, racism, discrimination, privilege, heritage, etc.

I suggest that you not wait to complete this assignment. You can start during the first week of class and complete one section per week. Field Experience Assignment