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Discussion 1

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1.What do personal, professional ethics mean to you as an educator? 50 words

2. Do you believe education needs an ethical code? Why or why not? 50 words

Discussion 2

How might schools and school districts best communicate codes of expected behavior and conduct to teachers and staff? 50 words

Discussion 3

What ethical theories or philosophies best fit your personal code of ethics? Explain. 50 words

Respond to these students post

Maria post

 I believe that as an educator there will be times when we do not agree with certain things. I also feel that as educators we need to do what is in the best interest of the students. In life, there will be times that we have our own beliefs but as an educator, we are there to teach and educate our students. There are times when our students may feel the same way, that they don't agree with certain things and we tell them that is a part of life. We may not always agree with how the districts handle certain thing but we do know that they are trying to do what is best for the students. We may not always agree with things that district is doing but we all have one common goal and that is to educate our students and see them succeed.

Maria Post

As paraeducators of three and four years old student IEP goals are very important. These goals are realistic goals that the teacher feels that the student can attain. For example, since I work with little one that are in diapers or drink from a sippy cup, a goal for them is to be potty train and be able to drink out of a straw. Another goal that we focus on is being able to sort by colors and shapes. To some, this is not a big deal but with a student who has a  learning disability, it is a big deal.  If I was the teacher I would look back a the previous IEP and see what goal was achieved before I proceeded with writing the next years IEP. I understand that the teacher wants to set these goals and yes they may be attainable but maybe he should start with half an hour and if he achieves this goal them do an amendment to add on the next goal.