Fraud Risk Brainstorming At Tesla Motors

Fraud Risk Brainstorming At Tesla Motors


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Fraud Risk Brainstorming At Tesla Motors
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I. Title: Project 2: Fraud Risk Brainstorming at Tesla Motors

II. Introduction:

Congratulations! Your boss was very impressed with your last article on Bernie Madoff for The Journal of Strategic Fraud Warriors. In fact, you did such a fantastic job that your next assignment is to investigate a case he came across about Tesla Motors. There have been some whispers about possible fishy business going on at this big up and coming company and he wants you to investigate the issue further.

Your boss asks you to read and review the case Fraud Risk Brainstorming at Tesla Motors and address all the questions in part 1. Also, the boss wants you to write an article that addresses the questions in Fraud Risk Brainstorming at Tesla Motors. The article will be published in the next issue of: The Journal of Strategic Fraud Warriors.

III. Steps to Completion:

Step 1: Read the case:

Fraud Risk Brainstorming at Tesla Motor, which is located in LEO under Content / Course Resources. Keep in mind that you are writing an article for publication in a peer reviewed journal. You will need to fully address each of the questions in part 1. Consider the questions as a jumping off point that directs your research to a more comprehensive literature review, which you will use to enhance your article.

IMPORTANT: The following links replace the Appendix B links found in the case:

Tesla’s Supplier Code of Conduct:

Tesla’s 2015 Annual Report (can be located on Edgar and the SEC website since it is a publicly traded company.)


Step 2: Conduct research

Research the Internet, newspapers, magazines, trade journals and peer-reviewed journals to find other evidence that supports your theories of what could be going on at Tesla Motors. Your research should support your justification/position on the significant risk factors for fraud at Tesla Motors. Feel free to find examples and references to other cases where similar red flags proved later to be fraud.

Step 3: Draft the article

The boss expects this second article to be 15 – 20 pages. Since your article will appear in a peer reviewed journal, APA style and formatting must be used. Refer to your APA resources as there are many formatting requirements needed. The boss explicitly stated, he expects a minimum of 15 pages of content, excluding the cover page, abstract, table of contents, and references. Bulleted lists are disallowed. APA uses double spacing with no extra white space between items, etc. Refer to your APA resources as there are many formatting requirements needed.



It is highly recommended that you complete your draft early to allow for plenty of time for the UMUC free Graduate Writing Tutors to review your paper and make suggestions. See hints below for further recommendations.

Step 4: Finalize your article

As requested, submit your article to your boss for review.

IV. Deliverables

· Original document you submitted to the Writing Center.

· Feedback you received from the Writing Center.

· Final version that incorporates the feedback you received from the Writing Center.

· A 15 – 20 page document excluding the cover page, abstract, table of contents, and reference list

· In APA Style

· No bulleted lists

· No extra white space between items


Guidance to enhance your final deliverables:

· As your professor, I eagerly look forward to reading your deliverables and or viewing your presentation or video. Please note that I have very little interest in reading what others in the field have written. It is fine to quote sources to illustrate or support your own thoughts, however, every graded assessment in graduate accounting courses will be based on the content you have thought about and you have written in your own words. To properly guide you, I need to read your thoughts and interpretations, and observe you making presentations, which demonstrate your comprehension of the learning goals and ability to perform the competencies.

· Check your deliverables for plagiarism using a free online tool, such as Grammarly, Papers Owl, Citation Machine, or others. Your professor will use to check all graded assessments.

· Read the grading rubric before submitting your final project to ensure you have met all of the requirements of this project.

· Prepare a draft version of your article before it is due and ask classmates, friends, and/or family members to read the article before giving it to your boss.

· Ask your boss (professor) questions as needed.

· Review and refresh your understanding of APA Style formatting

· Submit your draft documents to the Graduate Writing Center at least 1 week before the project due date. This free resource can be accessed in your LEO classroom. Make edits to your deliverables after reviewing feedback from the writing center tutors.

· If relevant, review the Departmental Late Policy, which is in syllabus. Note: no assignments are accepted after the last day of class.

· Submit all required files on or before the due date.


IV. Rubric:

See Course Resources<Projects & Rubrics<Project Rubric

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