Graduate Education Assistance

 Interview questions and answers are attached. Must use original work and APA style formatting. 

Part 1: Student interview

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Graduate Education Assistance
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Interview students, asking the following questions:

How do you feel about quizzes (formative assessments) and tests (summative assessments)?
How do you prepare yourself for assessments?
Provide an example of an assessment that you enjoyed (unit project, presentation, etc.). What did you like about it?
Have you ever played a game in a class that was used as an assessment? What was the game? Explain.
Do you like assessments that are more interactive such as games or do you prefer more traditional paper assessments? Explain.

Use any remaining time to support the mentor teacher and students in the classroom.

Part 2: Reflection

Reflect on the student interviews and your time in the classroom using the following questions:

What is your overall impression of how students feel about assessments?
How can you take what you learned during these student interviews into your future classroom?

Write a 250-300 word summary including the students’ responses and your reflection