High Does Hook Effect and Mock Confirmatory Blood test protocol


The High Dose Hook Effect can be seen in antigent/antibody reactions such as that found on the ABA Hematrace card.  Please write a two page summary of the phenomenon and how this can effect testing for blood using the Hematrace card.  Use at least two scientific references in your research.  Cite them in your paper.  12 point font and double spacing is the expected format with proper APA citation in text.  Maximum length is 4 pages. 

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High Does Hook Effect and Mock Confirmatory Blood test protocol
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Choose one of the confirmatory tests for HUMAN blood that was discussed in the reading or one you have identified through your own research.  Prepare a two page protocol document for the method.  It should include an introductory section which describes the method, the science behind the technique and the benefits of using it in your imaginary lab.  It should also include a protocol – that is, a set of instructions on how it should be used for the types of samples containing suspected blood your “lab” will encounter.  Following this, you should explain how the results will be recorded and reported out to your customers in the criminal justice system.  Consider quality assurance issues like preventing contamination, documentation requirements and what to do in the case of a failed or incorrectly performed test.  Be creative in your thought process and approach this as if you were the lead scientist responsible for drafting these protocols.  Remember to use citations for any resources used in researching this project.

The DC DFS protocol listed in your reading resources is a good example to follow but please come up with your own format and style.  The idea is to assimilate what you’ve learned about blood tests, protocols, documentation and quality assurance in a way that makes sense to you as the “lead” scientist.