TEXAS is my state

 History is everywhere. Throughout the course I want you to explore local history beyond the classroom by taking three (3) photographs  and write a paragraph about them addressing the points below. You should explain what you are photographing, a little bit of its history, and then connect it to something you have learned in class. This can be a building, statue, historical marker, cornerstone, plaque, or something similar. The idea is to connect the history you are learning in class with something on the physical landscape of our community (that is the DFW area). Be sure to check out the Local History Project resources for help in finding things to photograph.

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  • Must be an original photo (that means a picture you took). Given the pandemic and the danger is venturing outside, you may use an Internet image. It must be local and you must cite where you found it.
  • Describe/explain what you photographed (sometimes its not clear).
  • You should identify the location of what you photographed (the more specific the better so classmates can visit the site).
  • Provide a little bit of history about what you photographed (this make take some research, please cite your sources).
  • Explain how your photo connects to something we talked about in class.
  • Share your photograph and paragraph as a blog post on eCampus/Blackboard

Your pictures must also correspond with the following periods of U.S. History:

  • Photo 1 (1877-1919)
  • Photo 2 (1920-1969)
  • Photo 3 (1970-2020)

Please make a new post for each photo. Please insert the photo into the body of the post rather than upload it as an attachment.