How Is Accountability Defined And Measured?

we will examine an important and controversial topic: accountability. From a synthesis of the readings, briefly summarize what accountability means. What are the criteria used to evaluate higher education? To whom is higher education accountable? What have been two or three of the primary issues pertaining to accountability in recent years? Conclude your post with your own perspective of accountability in higher education, supporting your assertions with the readings. 

Review the assigned reading from Unit 7, Cooley, A. (2015). Funding US higher education: Policy making theories reviewed. Journal of Higher Education Policy & Management, 37(6), pages 673–681.
Read Ewell, P. T. (2011). Accountability and institutional effectiveness in the community college. New Directions for Community Colleges, 2011(153), pages 23–36.
Read Ewell, P. T. (2015). What happens when quality assurance crosses borders? Assessment Update, 27(2), pages 10–11.
Read Gaston, P. L. (2014). Accreditation's alchemy hour: Riding the wave of innovation. Liberal Education, 100(2), pages 12–17.
Read Keller, C. M. (2014). Lessons from the voluntary system of accountability (VSA): The intersection of collective action & public policy. Change, 46(5), pages 23–29.

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How Is Accountability Defined And Measured?
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Use the Internet to complete the following:

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