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Topic 3 DQ 1

Find a current news story that represents a specific cultural or religious group. Explain how the group is portrayed by the news story. Explain if there is anything in the story that could be interpreted as insensitive or stereotypical towards the group. If not, explain aspects of the story that represented the group without generalizations. 

Dorothy 3 postsRe: Topic 3 DQ 1

This news article 'How Islamophobia Impacts Muslim Children. Islamic Horizons' is focused on the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim children. “The article talks about the rise of the public harassment, intolerance, anger and hated toward Muslims, which has become part of American reality” (AHMED, 2016). This kind of behavior all gotten more aggressive after 9/11, because a group of Muslim terrorists had attacked the trade Center. It was hard to explain that these men were a specific group and in no way represented the general Muslim population. However, once the media blared the phrase “The Muslim Terrorists,” it became even harder to explain that Muslim Americans had not been involved ((AHMED, 2016). Since media had made a big thing of this; which made the parents and the children listen to the news because of the negative comments.

The article does portray insensitively and stereotypes toward the Muslim families that live right here in the United States. People believe that all Muslims were terrorists, and this created problems for them especially the children that were in school. Most of the Muslim students of African American, Arab, or South Asian ancestry, report having been the object of bigotry, often in the form of teasing or offensive taunting about Islam or being a “terrorist.” (AHMED,2016). This in my opinion was to be a form of bullying, classifying, and labeling all people that were associated with being a Muslim was a threat to society.

 Danielle C. 1 postsRe: Topic 3 DQ 1

Black Lives Matter, BLM, was established in February of 2013 after Trayvon Martin’s assassin was acquitted in Florida. According to BLM mission statement, their goal is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, they are winning immediate improvements for black lives. Consequently, the organized organization works are usually overshadowed by uninformed Americans, mass media outlets, and news stories like, ABC News’ ‘Police guide that calls BLM a terrorist group draws outrage’.

The article explains that a prominent law enforcement training group is promoting a lengthy research document riddled with falsehoods and conspiracies that urges local police to treat Black Lives Matter activists as terrorists plotting a violent revolution. This statement is completely false however, the article itself elaborates on how many Americans view the BLM Movement.

It can be argued that the organization is violent and intentionally seek opportunities to cause warfare and possibly bring more division among Black Americans and other cultures in America because the majority of Black Americans are depicted as angry, violent, uneducated, and dangerous without weapons. These ridiculous accusations are caused by the stereotypes upon Black Americans.

For that reason, the news story goes into great details about those who participated in protests this year in Portland and Seattle. They are referred to as “useful idiots”. The document warns that military officials who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are concerned about the movements because they “have witnessed these types of terrorist groups organizing, creating insurgencies and the horrible consequences of it.” It boldly states that the FBI is largely “clueless” about the nature of their threat and, along with the news media, has wrongly focused attention on violence carried out by white supremacists, it argues.

 Kendra Armstead 1 postsRe: Topic 3 DQ 1

I chose this news story involving a religious group that recently made headlines due to Covid-19 infractions. A Northern California church and its pastor were found in contempt Tuesday for repeatedly defying a court order to stop holding unmasked indoor gatherings and violating Covid-19 health orders. However, because they were found in contempt for continuing to hold services the Santa Clara County sued the church and pastor for being in violation of health orders. Do I think they that were portrayed in a bad light? No, I believe that they were shown in the only light that could get their attention to stop violating health orders. Do I think that they should have been fined too much? I do think that 55,000 dollars in fines was a little outrageous but honestly putting all those people at risk was wrong so they should pay the price for it. I do think they were treated with a little bit of insensitivity just because they were relating their orders to continue having church because they answer to a higher power, according to what the pastor Joe said, "I respect the judge, I understand what the laws are, but there's a bigger law” (Helsel, 2020). I think that by Joe saying that, he still doesn’t understand the serious behind his and the churches actions. Even after they were fined and sanctioned they went right back to having church with members not wearing mask. At this point they don’t care who they infect with the virus and I do believe that they should have some sort of jail time. Thank You.