Industrial Organizational Psychology Assignment

Industrial Organizational Psychology Assignment

Guidelines for Business and Industrial Psychology Proposal


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Industrial Organizational Psychology Assignment
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  1. Select your topic of interest.   Please get approval first from the instructor on your paper topic.  The topic must be on a Business and Industrial psychology topic.


  1. Research the literature.  You need to have at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles cited in the introduction part of your paper.  Also, make sure the references are listed on a separate page titled References.


  1. (Please be very CREATIVE here in the research design part of your study)


  1. TITLE PAGE:  Include a title page with page headers, running head, your name, and Troy University.  (see p. 306 of the APA Manual; use correct APA style)


  1. INTRODUCTION SECTION:  (the Introduction and Method section needs to be at least 3 pages long) Industrial Organizational Psychology Assignment


    1. Write a literature review (summary) of the articles you found on your research topic.
    2. Make sure you cite the articles as you paraphrase the significant findings in these articles.
    3. Lead the literature review into your hypothesis.
  1. What is the independent variable that you will be manipulating?
  2. What is the outcome – dependent variable – that is hypothesized to change with the manipulation of the independent variable?
  • The intent and purpose of this study is. . .


  1. Method SECTION:  (The Method heading should be centered)
    1. Participants  (The Participants heading should be flush left & italicized)
  1. How many participants?
  2. What age?
  • All participants signed informed consent statements to participate in this study.
    1. Procedure       (The Procedure heading should be flush left & italicized)
  1. Discuss how the experiment or study will be conducted.
  2. How long do the participants engage in the experiment?
  • Who administered the research manipulation?
  1. What materials were needed to conduct study?
  2. Describe the experimental design and conditions here?
  3. Describe whether you are using a descriptive, correlation study, experiment, quasi-experimental design, or case study.
    1. Measures
  1. What questionnaires do the participants take? (MMPI, NEO-Big 5 Personality factors, etc.)
  2. What self-reports were administered?
    1. biographical measure to get general age, gender, years in college, work experience, hometown size, etc.
    2. self-report intelligence scores (SAT and ACT scores) Industrial Organizational Psychology Assignment


  • You can even make up your own questionnaire and place it in the Appendix section in the back of your paper.
    1. Results and Analyses
    2. Discussion and Conclusion (review findings, limitations, future research)


  1. REFERENCE PAGE:  Write a reference page on page 5.
    1. Center Reference title.
    2. Make sure the references are in correct APA style.
    3. Use APA guidelines on writing style.


  1. The paper will contain:  (total page count including title and reference page is 5 total pages)
    1. Title page
    2. Introduction – Literature Review
    3. Method
  1. Participants
  2. Procedure
  • Measures
    1. Results
    2. Discussion
    3. References Page
    4. Appendix (optional)

Write an APA style paper (minimum 5 pages-Title page, Abstract, 2-3 page body content, References page) on an Industrial Organizational Psychology topic. Think about designing your own research study and design and include the methodology for the study. Creating a research design to conduct an Industrial Organizational Psychology study is a very creative process.  Usually research is conducted in the field through field experiments comparing a research construct across organizations.  Look at the attached rubric to follow for your paper and grading. Note that the paper must be written in your own words.  When the paper is uploaded, it will run through for the plagiarism check.  Also, has Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability to see if ChatGPT was used.  Please make sure not to plagiarize your paper as if it is plagiarized, the paper will receive a “0” for the assignment. Industrial Organizational Psychology Assignment