Inter professional Collaboration

Inter professional Collaboration



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Inter professional Collaboration
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The purpose of this Assignment is to promote collaboration between all healthcare professionals, utilizing a team approach and problem solving to complete a task that will be beneficial within the clinical setting of the student’s choice.


For this Assignment, clinical settings: community health clinic. The administrator has approached you as the nurse educator of the institution, and has informed you that the clinical setting is going to be introducing a new medical record system that will interface with all departments. It will be your job as the nurse educator to develop an overall plan as to how you will introduce, design, and train the staff in the new system. Remember, you will be dealing with physicians, nurses, nurse aides, radiology personnel, and lab personnel; in other words, a mix of healthcare professionals that will need to develop a working knowledge and understanding of the system and have a diversity of workers from a mix of multicultural backgrounds. Consider what teaching strategies you will use.

Knowing that you have the full support of the administration, how will you achieve buy-in from other healthcare professionals? What steps will you take to ensure that staff have a working knowledge of the new system and are properly trained? Remember staff includes all healthcare professionals that are working in the clinical setting, and collaboration is needed for success.

Some things to consider when writing and researching your paper: Will you start with collaborative meetings? What steps would you utilize to develop “super users” or would you? Would you start training in one department and if so which one? Would you need to hire consultants for developing clinical pathways? Remember there are staff members that may not be comfortable with advancing technologies how would you approach this? You will need to write a 3 to 4-page paper describing how you will accomplish the task given to you by your administrator. You must utilize a minimum of four or more peer-reviewed scholarly sources that provides support to your decision and your plan.