Internal Proposal

As a collaborative group project, prepare a short internal proposal, similar to that in Fig-ure 13.5 (pages 530–534), recommending to a company or a college a specific change in procedure, technology, training, transportation, safety, personnel, or policy. Make sure your team provides an appropriate audience (college administrator, department man-ager, or section chief) with specific evidence about the existence of the problem and your solution to it. Possible topics include these:

a.  providing more and safer parking or lighting

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Internal Proposal
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b.  instituting job sharing for mothers

c.  converting existing clients over to using new smart chip credit cards

d.  purchasing new office or laboratory equipment or software

e.  hiring more faculty, student workers, or office help

f.  allowing employees to telecommute

g.  changing the lighting or furniture in a student or company lounge or kitchen to make it more eco-friendly

h.  installing wireless routers and signal enhancers to boost the range of the company’s wireless network

i.  increasing the number of weekend, night, or online classes in your major

j.  adding more health-conscious offerings to the school or company cafeteria menu

k.  develop an app that lets customers order goods and services remotely

As an individual exercise. This is an internal proposal so it should be formatted as the document that is used for internal communications.

Please page 526 to page 534.