Jigsaw classroom Science assignment


 Jigsaw is a differentiated Instructional strategy that can be adapted for use at all levels.  We shall adapt this strategy to a discussion thread.  Some students at all levels can get confused with this until they actually go through it in person.  Once you have it down, it will be your “go to” strategy.  A lot of work goes into the planning, but once you have it, Jigsaw will forever be a part of your instructional methodology. 

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Jigsaw classroom Science assignment
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This is only an example: When reading the handout, think of a topic such as types of organs in an “Organ System” as an introduction to:  Grade-Four Life Science,  L.4.1.1 or L.4.1.3.  You could provide material and information for 5 human organs relating to one of the body’s organ systems.  You would split the class into say 5 groups of 5 students each.  Each group member would have information on a different organ in that organ system.  After 5-10 min, they jigsaw into “expert” groups.  Each of the new expert groups only has information about one particular organ each.  The students share and compare information you provided or they researched on laptop of other digital device.  Then 5-10 min later they jigsaw back to original groups……………You read the rest on the attachment.   

1.  In your initial post, BRIEFLY describe how you would employ the Jigsaw strategy.

2.  List the CCRS grade level content strand, standard and performance objective.  

Use whatever resources at your disposal (Youtube, online textbooks, etc..).