Journal of English Linguistics

Journal of English Linguistics



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Journal of English Linguistics
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Using APA format with one in text citation using 250 to 300 words respond to the following

Thanks to Dr.Tianyi’s feedback, and great validation I have this excellent opportunity to be proud of accomplishing the final draft. Yes, each item meets expectations wonderfully. “Feedback process constitutes one of the most substantial and important elements of dissertation writing.”(Queen, & Squires, 2011, p.303). I have addressed all the comments in the second feedback and highlighted the changes in the prospectus. Revisions have been made according Dr. Tianyi’s comments and the rubric as well as the “Academic Quality Review (AQR) Prospectus Review Checklist. Now I have to write my proposal and do a more refined job. I may add a theme while I develop my prospectus if necessary. I have few sentences with citations in recommended areas. I have shown succinctly the contribution of the research to the selected validation theory. I have reduced the length of the first paragraph in which I discussed the phenomenon to improve it more. I worked for long hours daily, and made a thorough reading which were suggested by Dr. Tianyi and more articles to revise and rewrite “Nature of the Research Design for the Study, Purpose of the Study, Data Collection Procedures, Data Analysis Procedures, and Ethical Considerations” In this section I followed Dr.Tianyi’s first comment and strictly the rubric and improved all based on suggested readings and other important articles.