Law Assignment 5 Paper

Sarah just joined the Human Resources department at Ima-Mess, Inc. She was brought on to update policies and procedures for the company. Unfortunately, her initial survey was disheartening. Documents were not updated regularly, when they were available for her initial evaluation at all. Many of the documents were not available to her because they were archived on personal hard drives, on paper in binders that were outdated or on a departmental portal that provided no corporate-wide access.


Sarah considers this a compliance risk and wants to partner with you, the Chief Compliance Officer, on her plan but doesn’t quite know where to start. What advice will you have for Sarah? Please be specific about policy management elements, stages in the policy life cycle and other strategic considerations. Law Assignment 5 Paper

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Law Assignment 5 Paper
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Must include:

IRAC format (Issue – Rules/Statutes/Cases – Application – Conclusion)

3 united states cases

3 United states statutes

4 pages + cover page + reference page

Use proper citations