Law – Criminal Assignment 2

19 year old Josie was home from college for the summer and she wanted to work on her tan. Her mom insisted that she “get out of the house,” so Josie went to look for a summer job. She saw that a nearby overnight camp, Camp Wonder trails, was hiring for a counselor for the boys’ bunk, so she applied for the position. When she arrived for the position, the Camp Director said “you are not qualified for the position because you are female. But, we are looking for volunteers at the arts and crafts cabin.” Knowing that her mom would be mad if she came home without a job, Josie volunteered, planning to do lots of arts and crafts outside in the sunshine.


On her first day on the job, Ryan, the head of the boys’ bunks came over to her and said, “I heard you wanted to work in the boys bunk. You can share my sleeping bag anytime.” Josie shrugged him off, but he continued to make comments throughout the summer. Josie reported this to the Camp Director who acknowledged that Ryan was “always teasing.” On one occasion, he put his arm around her and rubbed her shoulders, which made Josie uncomfortable, but she was in front of the campers, so she didn’t say anything. Law – Criminal Assignment 2

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Law – Criminal Assignment 2
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By the end of the summer, Josie was fed up and filed claims against Camp Wondertrails for sexual discrimination and sexual harassment. Will she be successful on these claims?

Must include:

IRAC format  (Issue – Rules/Statutes/Cases – Application – Conclusion)

3 united states cases

3 United states statutes

4 pages + cover page + reference page

Use proper citations. Law – Criminal Assignment 2