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Instructions: Please read and analyze the following case, A Pharmaceutical Executive’s Dilemma: Balancing Competing Demands of People and Profits using the case analysis outline we have been working with. Be sure to link/discuss relevant concepts from our discussions/readings and consider/address the following questions within your case analysis:

1. Beyond the estimated development costs, are there other costs to WittPharm if you choose to pursue the drug? If yes, what are they? Are there costs of not pursuing the drug? If yes, what are they? Law homework help

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2. Are there any potential benefits to WittPharm of pursuing the drug? If so, what are they? How easy or difficult would it be to quantify any of those potential benefits?

3. What would your mission and values suggest that you do?

4. The final decision rests in your hands as WittPharm’s CEO. Based on the previous questions, do you pursue the drug? Why or why not?

5. Who are the winners and losers as a result of your decision? Law homework help