Management homework help

Unit IV Journal

In a workplace experience or through research, please share an experience with a leader who embraced and used path- goal theory. Do you think it worked to achieve expected follower performance with both productivity and morale? In your opinion, how clear was the path to the expected goal set forth by the leader?

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Management homework help
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Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary. Management homework help

Unit VII Project

Developing a Leadership Plan

Select a contemporary leadership challenge. It can be in your workplace, an organization you are currently or previously associated with, or an organization you can research through peer-reviewed resources. In this paper you will propose a leadership plan to the CEO and Board of Directors that will address this challenge.

Explain why leadership in this organization is not functioning to its potential and identify what needs to change.

Present a brief description of at least four leadership models and determine which leadership model(s) are exhibited in this organization.

Select a model and explain how your selected model will support success for the organization.

Describe the exhibited behaviors by the leader(s), and explain whether they add value.

In analyzing the leader(s), present a brief description of at least 4 leadership styles and determine which characteristics and leadership style exhibited requires improvement through reflection or training.


Explain to what extent conflict is present, both positive to challenge the status quo and negative based on personal agenda pursuit. Management homework help

Examine the role that effective communication will serve toward conveying the scope of the problem and resolution in the situation.

Describe Tuckman’s teamwork performance stage, and recommend leader support to optimize conjoined efforts. Summarize your findings and recommendations to the CEO and Board of Directors.

Your completed plan for the CEO and Board of Directors should be a minimum of seven pages in length. A title page or reference pages do not count toward this requirement. You may utilize charts, data, tables, and other visuals as needed, but this is not a requirement and does not count towards the page length.

You must use at least five peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to support the concepts for your paper, three of which must come from the CSU Online Library. Your textbook can be a resource. All sources used must have citations and references properly formatted in APA Style. APA formatting of your paper is also required. Management homework help


Unit VIII Journal

Reflect on the past units, and share the top three concepts you have learned about the psychological foundations of leadership. Reflect on what type of leader do you feel you are or want to be, and how can you apply these concepts in your