Management of Obesity in Poor Communities Proposal

Management of Obesity in Poor Communities Proposal



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Management of Obesity in Poor Communities Proposal
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1. This assignment is to write a 1,000-word proposal paper (not including the title page or references page), which includes a minimum of 5 scholarly references, not including the textbook or lectures. 2. The content of the Health and Wellness Program Proposal Paper should cover four key areas: • The need for the program – what impacts does the health and wellness issue have on individuals and communities? For example, does it reduce life expectancy? How does it impact functioning and quality of life? Is it expensive for our healthcare systems once individuals are infected? How you describe the need for the strategy will vary based on your health and wellness issue, but you should make a clear case why it warrants immediate attention. • The current state of the health and wellness issue – in other words, what does the issue “look like”? For example, what are the incidence and prevalence rates? Are there disparities by race/ethnicity, geographic location, etc., in risk or outcome? • What is known about the causal nature of the health and wellness issue – what do we know about the issue and what causes it? For example, what is the process between exposure and health outcome (e.g., how does stress lead individuals to get sick)? Does it spread to others? What is known about major causes of the issue? Are there any comorbid (i.e., overlapping; co-occurring) conditions associated with the issue? • What should be done about the health and wellness issue? This is the “program” portion of the proposal. This portion of the proposal is where you will be creative by suggesting how we should try to prevent or eliminate the health and wellness issue. This strategy should make sense given what you describe in the previous three key areas, and especially the third (the causal nature of the issue). The strategy will not be judged by the feasibility of its implementation, but rather on the rationale behind the ideas.