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This course has been an interesting journey for me. It has not only furnished me with the necessary tools and methodologies for conducting ethnographic research but also expanded my comprehension of diasporic communities, with a specific focus on the Jamaican diaspora in the United States. The course material has been both demanding and illuminating, compelling me to adopt a critical mindset and engage profoundly with the content.


The assigned course material and readings have left an indelible mark. The book “Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes” by Emerson, Fretz, & Shaw (2011), has served as a beacon in my research journey, and it has offered me invaluable insights on how to observe, record, and scrutinize my fieldwork experiences. This resource has heightened my appreciation for the subtleties and intricacies of ethnographic research, and it has markedly (hopefully) enhanced my ability to write fieldnotes. Marketing homework help

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The work of Alinejad and colleagues, “Diaspora and mapping methodologies: Tracing transnational digital connections with ‘mattering maps’” (n.d.), has played a crucial role in molding my perception of diasporic communities. It has unveiled pioneering methodologies for tracking and visualizing the digital ties within diasporas. This revelation has motivated me to integrate digital ethnography into my research, should i decide to delve into the online domains and digital habits of the Jamaican diaspora in future projects.

In retrospect, I am filled with a sense of achievement and personal growth. I am indebted to the wealth of knowledge I have amassed and the skills I have honed. I am thrilled to further my exploration in ethnographic research, and I am keen to apply the lessons learned in this course to other projects should i choose to pursue them.


Alinejad, D., Candidatu, L., Mevsimler, M., Minchilli, C., Ponzanesi, S., & V. D. Vlist, F. (n.d.). Diaspora and mapping methodologies: Tracing transnational digital connections with ‘mattering maps’. Global Networks.

Emerson, R. M., Fretz, R. I., & Shaw, L. L. (2011). Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes. University of Chicago Press. Marketing homework help