Marketing homework help

Conduct a Google search of marketing mistakes that companies have faced when trying to expand into a global market.  Identify the marketing mistake that you found most interesting among the examples that you found.  Take a deep dive into your research to gather more information about what the company did and what was the mistake they made.  You will be turning this research into a short-written report.  The report should contain the following sections:

1. Create a cover page where you clearly identify the company with a picture, the company name, and where the company was headquartered at the time of the event. Marketing homework help

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Marketing homework help
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2. Explain what the company was doing for its global marketing strategies at the time of the event. In this section, be sure to answer questions such as:

a. What country was involved?

b. Was this company new to this market or had they been there awhile?

c. Was this company working alone or with a business partner?

d. Who were they targeting in that country?

e. Did they conduct any market research, according to what you could find in your research?

f.  What were the 4Ps they were using for their marketing strategies in this country?

3. Identify and explain the mistake they made.  In other words, what went wrong?


4. How do you think the mistake could’ve been avoided?  Be sure to identify at least two ways the company could have potentially avoided the mistake.

5. How was this mistake related to the approach toward localization/globalization that the company was using for their marketing strategies?  (Note: consult Ch 1 in your book to make sure you understand the the concepts of localization/globalization of marketing strategies in answering this question.)

6. Provide a Bibliography with all the references you found/utilized in your research and writing.  List the citations in alphabetical order, using APA formatting.

  1. Please include subtitles in your document that clearly show how you answered each of the numbered items above.  In other words, have bold italicized subtitles for each section of the write up: Global Marketing Strategies, Mistake Made, Ways to Avoid the Problem, Localization or Globalization, and References.

    8. Also, be sure to use your own words in writing up this exercise—do not copy any material you found in your research.  Marketing homework help