Marketing Management Positioning Strategy Essay

Marketing Management Positioning Strategy Essay


To prepare your plan’s positioning strategy, consider competitors in the market, and decide how your company’s product should be positioned for the following:

  1. Brand building opportunities
  2. Brand optimization opportunities with your target markets
  3. To assist with other marketing and promotional strategies in the future

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Marketing Management Positioning Strategy Essay
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Write your positioning strategy. Include information about how you will differentiate the product in the marketplace. Include the following in your strategy:


  • A positioning statement
    • Remember to restate your target customers, their wants and needs, and how the product or service meets those wants and needs.
  • The positioning strategy should include information about the following:
    • Product differentiation. How is your product different in its features, such as quality, performance, and reliability? Consider customer aftercare differentiation. This includes opportunities that the company offers with services that complement the initial purchase of the core product. Add notes about customer service information including the employees who work for the company that interact with the customers.
    • Channel differentiation. The channel differentiation represents how easy it is to communicate with the company when ordering additional parts (e.g., service repair, warranties, and more).
    • Image differentiation. Image includes the product’s identity and image in the marketplace. Image is about how your customers and market view the company and its products. The company’s image can include its value proposition, the brand’s personality, and its influence to persuade the customer to buy. It also makes the product stand out from its competitors. Marketing Management Positioning Strategy Essay