Measuring Enthalpy of Combustion

Measuring Enthalpy of Combustion


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Measuring Enthalpy of Combustion
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Criteria Ratings Pts
Include at the top of pre-lab page:– Title of the experiment
– Experiment number
– Your name
– Course number
– Section number
1 pts
Aim: State the aim of the experiment IN YOUR OWN WORDS, usually around 2-4 sentences. A clear statement of the overall purpose for performing the experiment, i.e. what is/are the goal(s) to be achieved and what idea(s) are you to learn during the duration of the project? 2 pts
Materials: Write all equipment or glassware in this specific experiment. Do NOT add the chemicals in this section.SPECIFIC TO THIS EXPERIMENT. Answer the questions below in this section:

1. Explain how to set-up a calorimeter.

2. Draw the set-up of a calorimeter. Label each component of the set-up.

5 pts
Chemicals/Hazards : In a TABLE, list all chemicals needed along with specific hazard information and other information necessary for the experiment. *Use the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for this section. Look under Modules to find the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information.*Write a summary of the hazards found in section 2 (Hazards Identification) and section 7 (Handling and Storage) for the hazard section of the table.

The table should include:
-Chemical Name
-Chemical Formula
-Chemical Weight
-Physical Appearance

SPECIFIC TO THIS EXPERIMENT. Answer the EXTRA questions below in this section as well.

1. Show the chemical formula, mass, and structure of:
– methanol
– ethanol
– 1-propanol and 2-propanol
– 1-butanol, 2- butanol, and tert-butanol.
– pentanol

2. List out the number of carbons for each hydrocarbon compound in question 1.

5 pts
Methods and Procedures: Based on the descriptions of the experiment, in your own words, design and describe the steps for the experiment. Make sure NOT to copy, verbatim, the information from the lab manual or other sources.It should be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS in a step-wise manner (diagrams or flowchart are encouraged).

SPECIFIC TO THIS EXPERIMENT: Answer the questions below in this section.

1. What is enthalpy?
2. What is enthalpy of the reaction?

10 pts
Calculation: You can include equations, formulas, reaction equations…etc. Make sure to define your symbols.The topics that your calculation section must cover following the instructions above:

Reaction enthalpy
Change in temperature
Specific heat

10 pts
Formatting/Overall Organization of Lab NotebookMake sure the pre-lab plan is legible, organized, and a single PDF file.
Keep your lab notebook neat.
2 pts
Total Points: 35