Nursing Course 1

Nursing Course 1


Professionalism – what does that mean to you?

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Nursing Course 1
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2. What is your expectation from the Professional clinical session?

ll.  HIPAA & Social Media

HIPAA as related to the use of social media – what do you need to be aware of?

lll.  Virtual Simulation Overview

1. What is simulation?

2. Why use simulation?

3. Name some events that have brought online education to the forefront

4.  Name the 3 components of a simulation

lV.  Sentinel Events

1.  What is your role as a student nurse in patient safety?

2. Describe personal experiences with sentinel events – or something you have read about/heard about.

3. Self-reporting of adverse/sentinel events – what are your thoughts on this?

Please provide references used. Thank you