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Nursing homework help
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A 4-week-old has been vomiting repeatedly for the past several days. It is getting worse. Today it occurs immediately after nursing and is so forceful it shoots across the room! He appears ravenously hungry, and drinks vigorously, but immediately vomits again. Nursing homework help

Physical Exam:

Infant has evidence of dehydration. On abdominal exam there is a small, firm, “lump” that can be felt in the upper abdomen.


An abdominal ultrasound shows thickening of the pylorus


Pyloric stenosis

Consider the effect that repeated vomiting would have on the electrolytes of the body.

He will need to receive IV fluids to correct his dehydration and electrolyte imbalances before heading to surgery to relieve the obstruction.



Answer the following questions based on the scenario and article above and save your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Provide a scholarly resource in APA format to support your answers.

  1. Understanding that HCl is produced in the stomach and that he has been vomiting his stomach contents, predict the acid/base imbalance that repeated vomiting will cause.
  2. Predict the effect on blood chloride level from repeated vomiting.
  3. “Normal saline” is often used to treat dehydration. What does it mean for the saline to be “normal”?
  4. Research to discover signs or symptoms of dehydration. List 3.
  5. Explain how an alteration in respiratory rate can compensate for an acid-base imbalance.  Nursing homework help