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Reply to each accordingly with one reference each APA [150 words for each reply]


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WRITER 1 [crush jaiim]

Should undocumented immigrants be included or excluded from national proposals for health insurance? Why?

I believe undocumented immigrants should be included in national proposals for health insurance. In the United States there the most immigrants in the world. The government is known for interesting people all around the world to move here and start a life (Bustamante et al., 2018). Due to the United States being the most populated country with immigrants, this population should be included from national proposals for health insurance. Undocumented immigrants are the highest risk of people to be uninsured causing there to be more health issues. Being unable to receive adequate health insurance through an employer there are other options for them including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

Also discuss your stance on national insurance plans in general.

During the Nixon administration, the need for national insurance was recognized. Congress leaders in the United States conducted a debate discussing the need for a national health program and its probable costs (Bustamante et al., 2018). The debate finalized in cost-sharing subsidies and new guidelines for health insurance within the United States. Once these new rules were established the Affordable Care Act was created and legalized for Americans. Due to undocumented immigrants being the highest population with no health insurance, the Affordable Care Act and Medicare insurance programs should create an undocumented immigrant plan for them to receive opportunity. Doing so, this would reduce the rate of uninsured and allow them to receive low-cost health insurance. This plan would benefit the children in this population tremendously by giving them opportunities when they are young and not having this obstacle in their life forever.  Nursing homework help

Justify your position by referring to course readings, videos, or other relevant sources.

My justification for including undocumented immigrants on national health insurance is to promote the children within this population group. Children in America are at great risk of poverty and malnutrition and may be hard for them to overcome this as they get older (Sidhu & Song, 2019). Poverty can increase the risks for children in many different ways. Poverty can lead to lower opportunities within education programs, living conditions and depression. Therefore, it is important for all health care professionals providing care to undocumented immigrants to be aware of the vulnerabilities of this population. This is why the United States government should include undocumented immigrants in national health insurance program.



WRITER 2 [sad h]

  • Should undocumented immigrants be included or excluded from national proposals for health insurance? Why?

I believe that undocumented immigrants should be included in national proposals for health insurance. The United States is a nation of immigrants, with a long history of successfully absorbing individuals from across the globe (Bocskor et al., 2017). Many undocumented immigrants come to the U.S. from underdeveloped countries due to poverty, safety concerns, and the desire to find better living conditions, including healthcare access for themselves and their families. Also, undocumented immigrants significantly contribute to the U.S economy through their labor, tax payments, and market participation (Galarneau, 2001). According to the Center for American Progress, “undocumented workers without valid social security numbers contribute $7 billion in social security tax revenues and roughly $1.5 billion in Medicare taxes annually.” (Galarneau, 2011). However, elderly undocumented immigrants rarely qualify for Medicare or long-term care provided through Medicaid. Despite their substantial financial contributions to the economy and public benefits, undocumented immigrants remain predominantly uninsured and ineligible to receive access to healthcare insurance coverage. The central public health argues that granting undocumented immigrants access to health insurance coverage can substantially influence the reality that an individual’s health depends in part on the health of others (Galarneau, 2011). This is particularly relevant to the significant public health concern that undocumented immigrant populations share schools, playgrounds, and shopping malls with other communities, which increases the potential for spreading illness and other communicable diseases to other communities. Due to a lack of healthcare insurance coverage to get their children vaccinated (Galarneau, 2011). This creates a substantial public health crisis that points out why undocumented immigrants should be included in national proposals for health insurance plans. Nursing homework help

  • Also discuss your stance on national insurance plans in general.

The demand for national insurance plans was first initiated during President Nixon’s administration as part of his proposal to form a comprehensive health insurance plan hailed for universal coverage. The national health insurance plans were challenged in the face of the economic recession, inflation, and uncontrolled healthcare costs. The congressional leaders held various debates about the future costs of national health insurance plans, particularly on-demand flexibility for the healthcare system (Bustamante et al., 2018). Numerous provisions, such as cost distribution subsidies, were invented to enforce national health insurance programs. Additionally, new guidelines were established for the national health insurance programs, including developing the current market for purchasing health insurance coverage (Hartman et al., 2020). These establishments resulted in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act that mandated health insurance coverage for all Americans across the United States, thus excluding undocumented immigrants (Bustamante et al., 2018). In many instances, undocumented immigrants face many challenges in obtaining access to health insurance coverage to combat the crippling increase in the number of uninsured undocumented immigrants in the United States. The federal government and the Affordable Care Act can mandate health insurance plans to allow immigrants to get access to low-cost and affordable health care.


  • Justify your position by referring to course readings, videos, or other relevant sources.

My justification for including undocumented immigrants in the national health insurance plans is to facilitate the protection and promotion of improved healthcare for the children of undocumented immigrants. Undocumented children in the United States are at an increased risk for several vulnerabilities, including poverty, food insecurity, malnutrition, educational disabilities, community violence, and parental depression and stress (Sidhu & Song, 2019). Therefore, it is essential for healthcare providers providing care for undocumented children to be aware of their susceptibilities to be able to provide holistic, compassionate, and adequate care (Sidhu & Song, 2019). Hence, this is the ultimate reason why the federal government of the United States should consider including undocumented parents and children in the national proposals for health insurance plans to become eligible to access health insurance coverage and receive quality healthcare.


WRITER 3[sd friend]

In my opinion, undocumented immigrants should be included in the national proposals for health insurance. Undocumented immigrants are human beings entitled to the right to health care. Besides, healthcare is a fundamental human right and not just a privilege. It is unethical if undocumented immigrants are denied access to health care services due to their financial crisis or the provisions of ACA policy on the individuals eligible for insurance coverage. This shows that there is no moral law that can allow the US government to impose sanctions on ensuring the health of undocumented immigrants (Sidhu & Song, 2019). It is also unethical to exclude the children born to undocumented immigrants from accessing social services, healthcare insurance, and schools. Nursing homework help

There are several reasons why undocumented immigrants should not be excluded from National proposals for healthcare insurance. Considering children growing up with undocumented parents, there are several psychosocial adversities in children residing with parents who are immigrant individuals. According to Sidhu and Song (2019), one of the undocumented immigrants in the US suffered from her six-year-old son, who was traumatized and affected in terms of developmental progression. Her son never attended preschool services. Other children bullied him in school due to his poor English communication and general look (Sidhu & Song, 2019). These are some aspects that justify the need to do away with the policy that hinders children of undocumented individuals from accessing health insurance and other social services provided to Americans. Undoubtedly, children of undocumented parents living in the US are subject to several risks of general vulnerabilities. They are more likely to suffer poverty as compared to their peers.

Arguing economically, there is a need to include undocumented immigrants in health care insurance policies since they contribute to the monetary fund from their labor market participation, and tax payments directly or indirectly (Galarneau, 2011). It is said that workers without valid permits and social security numbers tend to contribute about 7 billion in social security tax revenues, which is considered to be roughly 1.5 billion in Medicare taxes annually (Galarneau, 2011). Denying the elderly immigrants access to health care and qualification for Medicare and long-term care services is unethical and uncalled for. It is an aspect of the Matthews Effect. The possibility of undocumented immigrants not getting the average annual pay of 50,000 dollars is high because most of them earn as little or less than $36,000 per year (Bustamante et al., 2019). Failure to support undocumented immigrants is a direct call for negative impacts on the US economy.

Children of undocumented immigrants are most likely to associate with children of documented immigrants, thereby posing a challenge of transferring infectious diseases to them due to a lack of proper Health insurance and healthcare services. Unexpected parental deportation and arrests caused depression and other emotional problems to the children born in the US with undocumented parents. This shows that there is a direct impact on every US resident if the government continues to sanction the insurance of these significant populations of individuals in the US.

Conclusively, I disagree with the National Insurance plans concerning tightening health insurance eligibility. For instance, with the Affordable Care Act, there is an economic cost for the US if it accepts to include all the 11 million undocumented immigrants into the ACA policy and other insurance programs. It will create some economic features, but in the long run, there will be benefits because these undocumented immigrants are part and parcel of the US labor force and contribute to the GDP. Their contribution should be accorded to them as benefits to make them eligible for health insurance.