Nursing homework help

1)  Use 2 sources that is posted below to complete your EBP project poster.

2)  The poster should include:

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Nursing homework help
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* Explanation of the nursing issue significance with 3 statements.

* Description of your position on the issue and three statements on how a nurse can impact this issue.

* Include only the 2 journal sources to support your position.


*  You can use Word, PowerPoint, Canva, or any other software platform to create the poster.  Everything has to be on only 1 slide.

2)  Uploaded below is the example poster templates. You may use either of the exemplar poster frameworks however, you would complete the sections with your information.

3)  If you use an image, it should relate to your topic and be no more than 2 in number. Cite the source where you obtained the image beneath it. Eg. source: CDC. Nursing homework help