Nursing Resume

Nursing Resume



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Nursing Resume
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Letter of Intent


I am pleased to write to you today concerning my…… I have earned my Bachelor of Science in nursing from West Coast University on March 2021.

What are your expectations of the program and how will it help you achieve your goals?

The program is an excellent entry to the nursing profession that is have desired as part of the do’s to build my career. I would like to be in the program since I believe it will significantly contribute to strengthening and improving those skills that I realize as my weaknesses and those that I have not had the opportunity to perform and successfully attain my full potential through the clinical rotations such as the computer system being used. I expect that the program will help me improve as well as develop my competencies which include clinical knowledge and critical thinking.

I have a high expectation that the program will help me expand my comprehension further on matters such as prioritization of care and organization. The program will help me to be more familiar with the hospital’s documentation system.  The goals will also help to achieve a smooth transformation from nursing school to the job. I also believe that being part of the program will help to increase my confidence across various fields as well as promote professional development.



Why did you choose the profession of nursing?

The thought of becoming a nurse closed my mind after spending several months in hospital with my father who suffers from Ankylosis spondylitis. I spend many hours each day with him hoping I would come up with a solution to end his pain. I even thought of ways to reduce the pain that he was experiencing every day and I watched the nurses take care of him. He was close to one nurse that was very friendly to him and she managed to put a smile on his face irrespective of being in a hospital bed suffering. While we all agonized about his suffering the nurse was a symbol of hope to him and us all.

I then realized my passion and respect for nursing during the clinical rotations in the hospital where I worked as a student nurse. Ever since my passion has constantly grown as I have observed I love being with the patients and I enjoy helping them as well as encouraging them by the bedside. As a result, I decided to pursue my long dream and begin working in the field which keeps inspiring me every day as I make a difference in people’s lives.

Why do you want to begin your career at Healthcare System?

The Memorial healthcare system has a goal to deliver exceptional care which is patient and family-cantered through integrating research and innovation.  The hospital has a high reputation for dozen years through achieving rewards of its achievements. My vision is one of the factors that influence decisions and emphasis on patient safety in the hospital as approved by the Leapfrog group. As a result, being part of the program and working in such a place is a great honor to me.

The …. Hospital is well known for its exceptional entrusted care and distinguished medical staff. Every nurse that I have encountered in the hospital has indicated high integrity and provided top patient centered care in every visit that I have had in the hospital when visiting a friend or a family member in the hospital. From them, I can learn and improve my integrity, knowledge, and confidence ensuring that I make an impact in each of the patients that I care for.

When granted this chance I can promise to deliver exceptional care to the patient by doing everything within my power to make the patients at Health Care feel my presence. I will ensure high-performance standards to continue the development of this high-power institution. I want to be part of the nursing team that is purposed to put patients and families at the forefront by being trained and guided by the best and being part of the best. I am highly interested in discussing an opportunity as part of the program and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Arisbel Delgado