OPSCB/574 Competency 1 Assessment And Rubric

OPSCB/574 Competency 1 Assessment And Rubric


Statistical Process Control Methods

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OPSCB/574 Competency 1 Assessment And Rubric
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Shemeko Hopkins

University of Phoenix




Process Evaluation

I choose to employ the Six Sigma process evaluation above the other methods for evaluating processes. A technique to improvement that is known as the Six Sigma DMAIC process (define, measure, analyse, improve, and control) is used in order to achieve quality levels that are on par with those of the Six Sigma standard in processes or products (Singh & Rathi, 2019). It was concluded that the Six Sigma assessment system would be implemented in place of any other potential choices because it is exceedingly exhaustive. OPSCB/574 Competency 1 Assessment And Rubric

There is an issue with the manner in which the document is being analyzed, and that needs to be settled expeditiously. The documents that the client orders will be delivered in pristine shape and will include all of the prerequisite software. Before it can be distributed to the general public, every sheet of paper that an engineer produces must first be approved by a comprehensive battery of quality assurance tests (Laureani & Antony, 2019). At present, I have only observed the length of time taken for the engineer to tender the document to the technical scribe until its eventual approval, which was one factor that I identified. I documented how many times the article shifted between the source and the technical writer. Afterward, we investigated the information and realized that the file was being sent back and forth too frequently, consuming a great deal of time (Laureani & Antony, 2019). Hence, I pinpointed the problem and we then set out to solve it by melding some components. Once we had finished the task, it was possible to observe the effects. To guarantee the process maintains this successful streak, I recruited a Quality Assurance specialist to supervise each step.


Evaluation of Control Chart

Examining all the figures, it’s clear that papers are not being completed rapidly. A few papers are considerably overdue, whereas others are coming close to the deadline. There may be a range of explanations for why some materials are overdue and other people are not, the bottom line is that the graph was able to tell us how many papers aren’t meeting the criteria and how many are near being completed. So, even though we are meeting standards, we are on the verge of missing our deadline. The information is as shown in the chart below;


The Six Sigma DMAIC approach, as well as any other instrument for process improvement, would be beneficial to this procedure. The objective of this is because every optimization will reveal a defect in the system if one is present (Montgomery, 2020). With this system, and because things are persistently evolving, there were a handful of issues that had to be resolved in order to furnish the customer with what they had acquired. OPSCB/574 Competency 1 Assessment And Rubric

Recommendations for Improvement

The control chart was the SPC tool that was used to input all of the data that we gathered. We calculated how long it takes to complete and sign a document. We ensured that we adhered to the customer’s timeline for all of these documents (Wolfe et al, 2019). Unfortunately, our performance was sometimes off with regards to the customer’s ideal timeframe. We noticed also that the provided files were, at times, not very solid and included some major mistakes. Subsequently, the best course of action, as established through my assessment of the details provided, was that the documents would be delivered once via email for inspection. After all participants have had the opportunity to analyze the document over a couple of weeks (because of multiple evaluations, travel, and time away from work), a meeting will be organized to discuss all comments received and authorize the final version of the document live (Wolfe et al, 2019). This procedure will drastically reduce the length of the process and the number of inaccuracies, due to the fact that documents will not have to keep going back and forth or that emails would be avoided from being misplaced.


The purpose of the resources that enhance processes is to make the way we go about our daily lives less stressful. In the past, the only thing that we needed to do was develop a few procedures and guidelines, which we later came to take for granted and never considered changing. These tools assist us in recognizing anything that we might have overlooked.



Executive Summary

The Appraisal of Control Chart and Process indicators based on Statistical Process Control (SPC) protocols is an essential part of quality control in different industries. Control diagrams are graphical appliances used to observe and assess the continuity and capability of a process over time. They offer a graphic illustration of process variation and assist in discovering any uncommon patterns or tendencies that might show the existence of exceptional causes of differentiation. The assessment of control charts and process indicators leveraging SPC techniques empowers enterprises to pinpoint process discrepancies, discover and take care of difficulties, and systematically enhance their procedures. It supplies facts-sensitive selection-generating, assisting in sustaining procedure steadiness, diminishing flaws, and attaining superior degrees of buyer gratification. By tracking and evaluating these metrics, corporations can optimistically identify areas for enhancement, carry out corrective measures, and make sure that their processes are beneath management and capable of satisfying purchaser specifications.

When assessing the procedure of receiving a supplier in a store, there can be many different difficulties that could arise, but by utilizing the Statistical Process Control (SPC) to reduce flaws in the process, it helps make things more efficient. The SPC supports businesses to move toward preventive-based quality control rather than detection-based quality regulation. By interpreting the SPC graph, the establishment can accurately predict the performance of the procedure. The essential profits from SPC that assists when receiving a retailer hinge on the essential elements of utilizing the SPC, which encompass, but are not limited to decreasing the necessity to restart a process, augment productivity, and enhance quality altogether (Hessing, n.d.). By reducing the time spent checking in a supplier multiple times due to DSD issues, a lot of precious time can be freed up to carry out other essential tasks. This will further increase productivity as less time will be spent on redundancy. By making use of the DSD technology device, there is also an elevated likelihood of the process running smoothly to generate high-quality outcomes. OPSCB/574 Competency 1 Assessment And Rubric

SPC Charts examine process implementation by mapping out data points, control boundaries, and a median. At last, an operation should be monitored to examine the competence of the system. In the case of general origin modifications, the alteration must reveal the universal cause of the shift before judging process capacity. It is important to have a sound manage capability that will not be subject to outliers and divergence from an unsteady supervision (Ng, 2018). When collecting and assembling significant information about the graph and how it can assist in evaluating providers, it is essential to follow seven primary actions (Ng, 2018). To be precise, these incorporate distinguishing the systems, settling on quantifiable elements of the strategy, the estimation method, completing the gage R&R, formulating a subgroup procedure, assessing plans, amassing the data, and plotting the SPC diagram, analyzing natural variety of characteristics, and by observing the system variance (Hessing, n.d.).

After careful consideration, in my opinion, the benefit of processing vendor orders lies in utilizing either Statistical Process Control (SPC) or Lean strategies. Besides the advantage of SPC, these methods include all that is required to raise performance when checking orders. Estimates or readings taken from a variety of instruments or equipment make up the bulk of the work involved in the process of acquiring information on quality. After that, a massive amount of data is gathered in order to inspect, monitor, and ultimately govern the actions. “Introduction to Statistical Process Control” (SPC), 2020) describes SPC as a strategy for sustaining continuous improvement since it enables me to manage and control a process in order to guarantee that it is operating at its highest possible level of efficacy. When it comes to grasping the Lean concept, it is essential to first have knowledge of its definition.

Focus on safeguarding worth through fewer tasks. The objective is to furnish clients with excellent esteem through the most elevated esteem creation measure with zero waste. This is normally accomplished by enabling every representative to optimize their potential to make the best dedication (Skhmot, 2021). By utilizing lean on the job, the store can guarantee that there is one individual who checks in the merchant while there is another person on the register, a representative out on the deals floor who is eager and ready to assist customers with their requirements, and another individual who can help the other workers who may or probably won’t require assistance. This thought helps in decreasing the time for the individual who is confirming the seller (Muspratt, 2018). That worker does not necessitate to persist interrupting to aid others, which will extend the merchant series longer in that the shop will be outfitted with assistance while it is obligated for definite divisions of the department. As was said previously, utilizing SPC provides sign-in businesses with a variety of additional benefits and options (Muspratt, 2018). Customers will have peace of mind knowing that they will have personnel there to listen to their concerns and offer assistance. Productivity can start to improve, and there will be an opportunity to reduce the amount of IT hardware sustain requirement and regular maintenance costs on the DSD device, which will help the company as a whole. OPSCB/574 Competency 1 Assessment And Rubric




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