Paper (Rubric Attahced)

Motivation in Today’s Apathetic Society                                                   (100 Points)

An important part of every leader’s job description is to motivate or bring out the best in others. In a three page paper, describe your philosophy of motivation and the specific strategies that you employ to help followers maximize their talents as they pursue success.  In your discussion be sure to dedicate one page to connect your thoughts to specific strategies that you can use to enhance the value of each of the variables in the following formula discussed in the class video presentation:  Motivation = Expectation x Climate x Value.  Please consult a minimum of two resources as you research this topic and include a minimum of three cited quotes in your writing. 

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Paper (Rubric Attahced)
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Please note that this assignment must be submitted in proper APA 7th edition. Include the following: 

Title Page

Main Header at top of page and page numbers in the upper right hand corner

Introduction with thesis statement

Subheadings to break up thoughts

Conclusion that is tied back to introduction

Reference Page

No use of first person in this assignment