Parent Meeting

Sample is provided below

As a future educator, will you be charged with effectively teaching all the students in your classroom despite their differences. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work, and parents will ask you how you plan to support their child’s needs. The answer is differentiation, but many outside of the world of education will not know what that means. Therefore, you have been asked to address a diverse group of parents and their concerns on the topic of differentiation in the classroom.
In your assignment, cover each of the following items to address parental concerns. Possible parent questions follow the topics; ensure you address each one:

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Parent Meeting
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Explain the history and theory behind differentiation. 
Is it based on research, or it is it just another “educational fad”?
How does differentiated instruction look different from traditional instruction approaches?
Discuss the characteristics of a diverse student. 
My child is a “regular” student–why do you say he or she is diverse?
Discuss the benefits of differentiation in the classroom for all students. 
Will my special-education student or gifted student benefit from differentiation? How?
Analyze the negative outcomes of differentiation.
Analyze the teacher mindset required for differentiated instruction to work. 
It seems like so much work for the teacher to differentiate–can you comment on this idea?