Part 3

DUE 5/30/19 10AM New York Time Zone

submit turnitin report

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Part 3
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Write your response based on your interpretation of what you read from attachmments and from the link below (  and your personal or professional experiences with the Cancer answer the questions below:  Minimum of 250 words in length.

Identify the chronic condition CANCER.
Discuss the biopsychosocial  (biological/genetic, psychological, social) factors that influence the      patient’s experience with the chronic condition chosen.
Explain  how Micro-system from  Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model of Human Development affects the onset and management of the chronic disease?  For  example,
Explain the role immediate family members and coworkers have in the onset of the disease (negative        influence) as well as in positively managing (improving the person’s health) once disease is diagnosed.