peer-reviewed article

peer-reviewed article


Peer 1

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peer-reviewed article
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My practice area is PMHNP and for the specificity of this discussion I chose to focus on group/group therapy for those patients with substance abuse issues.  I work in an inpatient acute care adult behavioral health unit and the typical patient has substance abuse disorder.  There are typically five different groups used as a type of therapy and they all can evaluate the user’s level of need and help the participant resolve some of the destructive behaviors they have and move forward with their life and recovery (Wendt & Gone, 2017).  I went to the Walden University Library homepage and searched using APA PsychInfo, CINAHL Plus with Full Text, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, and EBSCO host. I was pleased to see that Walden Library offers specific databases to for psychiatric research.

Difficulties while Searching:

While searching for my peer-reviewed article the difficulty that I faced was trying to word what I was searching for in the right way.  I had to search a few different ways to find the results that I wanted.  Additionally, I had some issues with finding an article that was less than 5 years old.  There are many peer-reviewed articles regarding group therapy, but the issue is finding one that is specific to substance abuse.  To narrow down my search and make it more accurate and increase the chances of finding the topic that I wanted I used what is called Boolean Terms.  Walden University has a page that shows how to search using this method. Boolean Terms “connect your keywords to create a logical phrase that the database can understand and may involve telling the database to look for multiple terms or concepts at once, which will make your search more precise” (Walden University n.d).


Would this database be useful to colleagues:

            APA PsychInfo is a great database and on Walden University’s page that lists the top fifteen best databases for nursing research this one is the largest resource that has literature, books, dissertations, and scholarly peer-reviewed literatures that is specific to those searching for information on mental health (Walden University). I would recommend it to my colleagues, because like me we are all working in the behavioral health field and having a database that is specific to the field helps to filter out some of the other peer-reviewed articles that are not.







Peer 2


the main article chosen for this assignment pertains to the rapid and immediate triage of patients as they enter the emergency room. This article is related to research rapid triage that takes place in the emergency room. The goal was to determine critical problems identified during this process by triage nurses in the emergency room. Research indicated that problems most commonly identified during the rapid triage process included respiratory distress, altered level of consciousness, neurological problems, and pain (Moura, 2022). This information could be beneficial as it illustrates the most common problems found immediately and assist nurses in recognizing pitfalls during the triage process.  Other articles reviewed pertaining to this topic were also located.  The second article discussed a triage system used in emergency rooms in Korea, its effectiveness, and modifications made to appropriately triage patients (Choi et al., 2021).  The last article discussed the usage of the START triage system used for mass casualty situations and how effective it is in use (Lin et al., 2022).

The database used to locate these articles was CINAHL and MEDLINE combined search engines. This database has been used numerous times throughout my time at Walden. At times difficulties experienced with this database were mainly due to the wording of the search criteria, as there is a lot of information that can be found. Being specific when conducting searching can be particularly helpful. For this assignment, I searched emergency department or emergency room, I then located an article of interest. I also narrowed the publications dates to locate an article published within the last five years. I would recommend this database to my colleagues as I successfully used it in the past. Occasionally, I have used other databases with only limited valuable results.