Perspectives Around Languages,

materials assigned 

 In this module we are furthering our understanding of how perspectives around languages, language instruction.

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Perspectives Around Languages,
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For this module I would like you to complete the following:

1) Read chapter two in the text by García, Johnson, & Seltzer,

2) listen to the short powerpoint presentation,

3)  watch and listen to the video Translanguaging in 15 minutes,

4) watch the trailer for Spiderman (starting at minute 2:46) and think about the aspects of the main character's linguistic repertoire that you can identify,

5) then read and  comment on the article by Baker-Bell .

This article is assigned in Persuall. Pease do the following:

Read the entire article and while you are reading, make comments or notes regarding information you find to be really important or that is difficult to comprehend.

I would also like you to take note of any critical encounters with text (DeNicolo, 2004). Critical encounters occur when a reader identifies a passage, quote, or event in a text that changes previously held beliefs about a subject

, you will receive a score from Perusall on a scale from 0-3:

3 = demonstrates exceptionally thoughtful and thorough reading of the entire assignment

2 = demonstrates thoughtful and thorough reading of the entire assignment

1 = demonstrates superficial reading of the entire assignment OR thoughtful reading of only part of the assignment

0 = demonstrates superficial reading of only part of the assignment

note : reflect and  highlight the Baker-Bell files like in the example in the attachments  ex1 and ex2