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GOAL: To listen to a presenter and critically evaluate his/her presentation. Along with learning to listen critically, you should also gather insights into techniques that you may wish to incorporate into your own presentations and/or pitfalls that you may wish to avoid.


FORMAT: The paper should be typed and 1-3 pages double spaced. You are typing this as 3 paragraphs. The questions below are ONLY ideas for the types of things you should be considering addressing in each paragraph.



Due Date: Nov 23 via dropbox

The paper should have 3 main paragraphs: Organization, Presentation technique, Content.

Include Your Name, the Name of the Presenter and the Topic at the Top

In the “Organization” paragraph, you need to address the following:

  • Was there an attention-getter? If so, what was it?
  • Did the presenter provide credibility on the topic?
  • Did the presenter provide a topic statement of what he/she would be discussing?
  • Did the presenter stay on topic?
  • Were transitions used within the presentation?
  • Did the presenter signal that he/she was getting ready to conclude?
  • Was there a concluding remark? Was it effective?
  • Did the presenter us the Monroe’s Motivational Sequence of stating a problem, need, visualization and call to action?


In the “Presentation Technique” paragraph, you need to address the following:

  • Was the presenter dressed appropriately for the occasion/ audience?
  • Did the presenter use eye contact?
  • Address the vocal qualities such as tone, rate and volume
  • Were gestures used to keep your attention?
  • Were visual aids used? If so, were they appropriate visual aids and used well?
  • Were “disfluencies” used by the presenter? (Uhs’s/um’s/you know/like)


In the “Content” paragraph, you need to address the following:

  • Did the presenter provide you with evidence that he/she was credible?
  • Was the information useful?
  • Was the information something new and fresh?
  • Did the flow of the content seem logical and easy to follow?
  • Was the content presented in an understandable manner?
  • What were your overall feelings about the presentation?
  • What did you learn from listening to this presentation?
  • Did the presenter convince you to believe his/her views?
  • Will you follow the presenter’s Call To Action?


Example of a Persuasive Evaluation

Evaluator: John Smith

Speaker: Susie Brown

Topic: Locks of Love

Susie did a very good job on her speech about donating your hair. First I want to talk about her organization. I thought it was a decent opener to ask if people had donated before, it got people listening right off the bat. She also played a video that was very affective. She started out with a good topic sentence once she got past the opener. I also liked that she gave many places that you could donate to, that made it more realistic. Her credibility also helped her case in my eyes. Sometimes I question what they really do with it. Over all she stayed on topic helping her have a good speech.

She also had a lot of great presentation techniques. She was dressed appropriate for the setting. Also, throughout her speech she had a decent amount of eye contact. I feel like if anything could have improved, maybe a better visual aid, but the video did its job just fine. throughout her speech she had good gestures that kept people interested. She seemed comfortable or as comfortable as you can be up there. Her tone of voice was good, she spoke in a manner that was easy to understand and hear. As far as I could hear she said very minimal “ums” or” likes”.

Based on the content of her speech, she was also affective in that way. Through her talking to a hairdresser and doing research on Pantene, and locks of love, and other things, she definitely provided the evidence needed to prove her point. I believe the information was useful, the way she shared how many options you have and how needed it is. I personally haven’t heard a speech on this topic and it’s not talked about much in everyday life so I would say that its newer material. The flow of the speech was very well done, and she made it very understandable. I personally loved this speech, I like that she said she would donate again. I have donated and plan on doing it again in the future, but it’s always good going into something knowing the background. All in all, this was a great speech.