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NURS 356


Purpose of the assignment: This assignment provides an opportunity for you to pause and consider what your personal philosophy of nursing is. Whether you have lots of nursing experience or are a new graduate, you will discover that you have ideas about what you believe nursing is. Writing your personal nursing philosophy will help you articulate the values and beliefs that guide your practice of nursing. A philosophy statement is a foundation for growth and lifelong learning. The philosophy includes not only how you practice now, but also how you see your nursing practice evolve over time, with experience and further education. Philosophy

In summary, your personal philosophy of nursing should reflect how you would like to practice as a nurse.

This is your own personal belief statement about your own nursing practice.

Describe the two values you identified in this course and how they will ideally guide you in your nursing practice. ( Family and spirituality)

Interpersonal relationships

Describe the relationship you aspire to with:

  • patients and families (be sure to address both) Philosophy
  • fellow nurses
  • support staff such as nursing assistants, patient care technicians, unit clerks, transport staff (terminology may differ among facilities)
  • providers
  • manager/supervisor

How will you use your values to impact those relationships?


What is your definition of health?

Can clients have a chronic disease and still be viewed as healthy? Philosophy

What if the client views his/her health differently than you do?


How do ethics (think of the ANA Code of Ethics) fit in your philosophy of nursing?

Systems Thinking

How is systems thinking useful in improving nursing practice?






See rubric for specific details.

Be certain that your paper includes all the following elements:

  1. Title page with page number (NO running head)
  2. Introduction paragraph (tell us what the paper is about)
  3. Values
  4. Relationships
  5. Health
  6. Ethics
  7. Systems thinking
  8. Summary paragraph (very briefly and succinctly summarize what the paper told us)
  9. Separate reference page containing 2 references (the habits of systems thinkers and the ANA Code of Ethics). No other references are needed, as this is your personal philosophy.

Writing hints:

Do not use headings in the body of the paper. Philosophy

Use 12-point Times-New Roman font 12-point.

Ensure that your font is the same throughout the paper.

Use double-spacing and be sure that you do not have extra spaces between paragraphs. Line spacing needs to be consistent throughout the paper

Please do not use direct quotes as your philosophy needs to be written in your own words. Philosophy

Minimum number of pages: two. Maximum number of pages: 4 (reference and title pages are not included in this number.

It is important that you do not exceed 4 pages. A philosophy needs to be succinct and captured in fewer than 4 pages.