Post Your Introduction

 Consider in your responses what may account for your similar and dissimilar perspectives.  Use this forum to become acquainted and for discussing influences and beliefs about biases and interests in the field of special education. 

You going to need my work for this. Let me know when you ready

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Post Your Introduction
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Cassandra Grant

Hi! My name is Cassandra but I go by Casey (KC), I am currently tying up the last couple of loose ends in order to get my early childhood licensure (a couple of tests left and then applying for my license). That being said I am currently looking for long term substitute positions so that I can strengthen my skills and become even more comfortable in a classroom setting. For as long as I can remember I was always that person in primary school who gravitated toward my peers with disabilities when they were out on the playground. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I discovered the field of SpEd in depth, when my favorite singer talked about their experiences being an intervention specialist prior to becoming well-known. My understanding of the laws that govern SpEd are very surface level, the school I attended for my undergrad in ECE required candidates to take an intro to SpEd course where we spoke about IDEA with a primary focus on the importance of Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), IEP’s and so on. As far as my experience working with this population of students, it is very limited from the pre-service teaching side but all throughout high school I was recruited to be a student aide where I would spend my recess and study hall periods working side-by-side with both classrooms of students with mild, moderate and severe disabilities. My primary role was to show the students that inclusion is a wonderful thing and that they are apart of the general school population despite being separated throughout most of the day.

The one assessment that is of most interest to me is instructional planning. I have extensive experience in writing lesson plans for ECE (pre-k to 3rd grade) and I have always been interested in learning and understanding the similarities and differences between ECE and SpEd. With the little experience I have pertaining to IEP’s I am curious as to how intervention specialist write their lesson plans to meet the needs for each student. Admittedly, I struggled to write objectives that are viable for my entire class and would like to strengthen that area of weakness.


Hector Montoya

Hello everyone my name is Hector Montoya, I usually go by Montoya. I work for the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). I have been working corrections for almost 9 years. Five of those years would have been for the BOP, the other years I spent working for private corrections. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and just recently in December finished my Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration. My plan is to eventually get my Doctorate degree. But before than I want to move up in the BOP so I have found which position is hardest to fill and decided to head in that direction. I have always had in interest in education but as something I would do after I retired. This was until I met someone who working in the education department who somewhat took me under their wing. Finding anyone with a special education background is extremely difficult in the Bureau, and is mandated so I’m hoping that this degree can help me become more of an asset.

As far as zeroing in on one assessment that is difficult because I’m not in the education field so all areas are somewhat new to me. I took a small role as a student teacher years ago but consisted mostly of grading test, and ensuring all paperwork was submitted. I would like to learn about creating classroom curriculum also I want to learn about what is considered correct terms in this field.