The Assignment:  

Prepare a video presentation of your service learning experience.If you use PowerPoint it must have narration. For instructions on how to include narration see- 

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Use visuals in your presentation like a presentation board. Answer the following during your presentation:

• Name of organization

• Mission of organization

• Brief description of the community

• Brief description of your duties and responsibilities with families and children

• Brief description of the social issue of the community and how the organization is helping the family and children to solve this issue

• Brief discussion of the tools, resources and course concepts that you used to help with the issues related with the families and children of that community and how you used this tools, resources and course knowledge to understand the diversity of the families and children of that community.

• Discuss or share one example of how do you support and engage families and community in a respectful reciprocal relationship? 

• Discuss or share one example of cultural competence and effective collaboration between families and communities in children’s development and learning.

Included in your video should be information from all of the bulleted areas listed in the assignment.  Students will also be graded on their understanding of class/chapter information that has been covered in class and in the text