Probability and Statistics for Business and Economics

Read the following article: Introduction to Probability Theory and Sampling Distributions.pdf 

I Also uploaded the Article

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Probability and Statistics for Business and Economics
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1.  Provide a summary of the article and what you thought was the main purpose of the article.  Who do you believe is the intended audience of the authors and why?  Would your view of the article be the same as the view of the intended audience? Please explain.

2. Describe in detail one concept which was mentioned in the article which was very easy for you to understand.  Why was the concept easy for you to understand?  How did the concept relate to what you already knew?

3. Describe in detail three concepts or points raised in the article which were difficult for you to understand or are still difficult for you to understand.  Why were the concepts difficult for you to understand?  How did you address the difficulties in understanding the concepts?  Provide a specific example of something you did to improve your understanding of the difficult topics in the reading of the article. 

4. Describe one or more concepts in the article which you found to be helpful. Why did you find the concepts to be helpful? How do the concepts apply to the readings (Chapters 5 & 6) in your current module in the course? Clearly explain similarities and differences between the article and your eBook readings.  

5. Why would a manager or business owner find the article helpful or not helpful?  What would you recommend as an alternative reading source for a business owner or manager who could benefit from the knowledge of the concepts mentioned in the article?  Be sure to explain your choice. 

6.  The purposes of this discussion are self-evaluation and self-management.  After completing your responses to the five topics above, conduct a self-evaluation of your responses based on the grading rubric, and write down the points you would assign to yourself if you were rating yourself as an impartial (outside) rater.  If you gave yourself any rating which was less than the maximum, then you are admitting that you didn’t respond sufficiently to the topic.  As part of self-management (making the effort to do things correctly), go back and revise your responses where necessary so that you will earn the maximum points.

a.  Article summary:

b.  Easy concept:

c.  Difficult concepts:

d.  Helpful concepts:

e:  Helpfulness to a manager/ business owner: 

7.  Did you revise or ensure that your responses met the requirements stated in the discussion policy guidelines?