Professional Development Plan Draft #2

  Professional Development Plan Draft #2

Consider all you have learned thus far from Mooney and Mausbach (2008) as well as learningforward’s video you watched in Week Four regarding the standards for professional learning to complete your second draft of the PDP template. In addition, review the article in the Required Resources focused on collaboration, from Swenson and Williams (2015), which will help you with section E.

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Professional Development Plan Draft #2
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This time, you will share what you construct with your peers, utilizing their feedback to help improve your ideas before adding final touches for the Week Six Final Project.

For this discussion, you will continue to add information to the Professional Development Plan Template you filled out in Week Three. This week, you will complete Sections “E” through “H.” Examples and descriptions for each section can be found in this week’s Weekly Lesson. Take this opportunity to make any necessary revisions to Sections “A” through “D” completed during Week Three, taking into consideration the feedback gained from your instructor’s evaluation of your work.

Section “A” through “D”—Show any revisions made to these sections from Week Three. You may use Track Changes or label those portions as “revised” so as to clearly differentiate between the earlier draft.
Section “E”—Curriculum Design Process: Describe the collaboration required for your plan to be successful including shared curriculum planning, revision, and analysis in the design process.
Section “F”—Timeline: Outline the approximate number of workshops/sessions over a specified period of time.
Section “G”—Resources: List the resources that you will utilize to gain the knowledge and skills identified as part of your learning outcomes.
Section “H”—Accountability: Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your plan and outcomes. Include specific data you will collect and measure such as participant artifacts and how each measures the impact on student learning.
Professional Learning Standards: Apply the standards for professional learning to their coordinating sections of the template.