Professional Resource Rubric


Parents are not always informed of the developmental milestones for their children, leaving many to wonder what the appropriate behavior and aptitude is for children of their child’s age. Early childhood educators can often assist parents by providing a list of resources that provide the additional information and support they need. To be ready to provide this information, educators need to keep current regarding available resources.

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Professional Resource Rubric
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Identify five Southern California and/or national professional or educational organizations that address the needs of children ages Birth-Pre-K in educational settings that you could share with other early childhood teachers and staff. Organizations identified should have websites with credible, current, and useful information regarding integrating legal, ethical, and policy issues related to educational, developmental, and medical services for infants and young children and their families into their teaching practice. At least two of these organizations should focus on the needs of individuals with exceptionalities.

Include and Describe the following for each resource identified:

Organization Information: Include      name, website address, headquarters location, and date established.
Services: What services does the      organization provide (i.e., educational, development, medical services)?      Who is the target audience? Explain the legal or historical basis for the      organization’s formation or the offering of these particular services.
Mission and Philosophy: What is the      mission and philosophy of the organization? Identify the philosophical      foundation of the organization that motivates them to provide their      services.
Hierarchical Structure: What is the      hierarchical structure of the organization?
Funding and Status: How is the      organization funded? Is the organization under for- or non-profit status?
Training: Provide examples of outside      trainings or conferences the organization holds for early childhood      educators.
Rationale: Provide a brief rationale      describing why you would recommend this resource to the teachers and      staff.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines,