There are TWO choices for this assignment:

  1. Work collaboratively and hands-on with me (online or in-person) in a socially engaged art not-for-profit with which I work (the finished product you submit will be a grant proposal that can be submitted to a foundation for funding for artists with a lived experience of homelessness)


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  1. Work collaboratively (or independently) on writing a funding proposal (real or hypothetical) for a project of your own design

For both projects, in class:

  • I will introduce you to the world of not-for-profit funding and give you an overview and resources on how to write a grant proposal
  • I will provide you with a number of funding options
  • In groups or independently, you will review those funding sources
  • Determine the mission and values of these funding sources
  • Design a program that meets the funders expectations
  • Write the proposal, including a budget if requested.

You will be assessed on how well you understood the mission and values of the funder, how well you synthesized their values with your program idea, how well you communicated the rationale of the program, how achievable and measurable your program is, and how realistic your proposed budget is. Length of assignment determined by word count allowed in funding proposal.