PSY 555 Exam 2 Essay Questions

PSY 555 Exam 2 Essay Questions

PSY 555 Exam 2 Essay Questions

Answer each of the following 10 questions in no more than one paragraph each.  Be sure to provide clear examples to support your points. Each question is worth 10 points.

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PSY 555 Exam 2 Essay Questions

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1) Describe two features that function to protect the brain from external injury.


2) Describe the processes that produce cortical neurons during embryonic development.


3) Explain the significance of the process of apoptosis for brain development.3-134. Explain the distinction between primary motor cortex, sensory cortex, and association cortex.


4) Describe the primary functions performed by the left and right hemispheres and give an example of each function. PSY 555 Exam 2 Essay Questions


5) Describe the general functions attributed to the hypothalamus.


6) Compare and contrast the anatomy and function of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).


7)  Describe the function of agonists and antagonists, giving an example of each and how they affect the system to produce their effects.


8) What is the advantage of reuptake over enzymatic degradation in the termination of neurotransmitter postsynaptic effects?


9) Describe the biosynthesis of acetylcholine. List three different means that would act to alter the release of acetylcholine.


10) Explain the importance of serotonin reuptake-blocking drugs for the treatment of mental disorders. PSY 555 Exam 2 Essay Questions