Psychology homework help

Writing your Draft

Introduction (~1.5 pages)

The Introduction section for Paper 2 will be very similar to that of Paper 1.

  1. In the first paragraph set the stage by introducing the topic and highlighting the importance of the general research question
  2. Review past research (7 citations recommended, 5 minimum). Because this paper requires more citations you should not have one paragraph per citation. Think about how to group citations and claims, organizing your Introduction around your arguments
  3. In the last 1-2 paragraphs of the Introduction, give a brief overview of your group study and your specific hypotheses. You should include transition sentences from past research to the current study, the research question of your group study, and your specific hypotheses. Psychology homework help


Methods (~1-1.5 pages)

The methods section describes what you actually did in the study. It is typically divided into 3 sub-sections: Participants, Measures, and Procedures.

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Participants sub-section should characterize the sample that was used. It should include the following information: sample size, descriptives for age, gender, and race, how the sample was recruited, and anything else you think is relevant to give the reader a sense of who was in the study. All of this information can be extracted from your group SPSS file.

The SPSS file for Group 1 is here Download hereand the SPSS file for Group 2 is here Download here.

Some basic demographic information of the sample of Group 1  is here

Some basic demographic information of the sample of Group 2  is here

(Feel free to do more analysis of the demographic variables if you are interested). Psychology homework help

The Procedures sub-section outlines the experience of participants (including how the independent variable was manipulated) and how you collected data. As you are writing, ask yourself what a naive reader would need to know to replicate your study. You should explain procedures in the order they were completed for clarity.

The Measures sub-section outlines each measure that was used in the study. Because both groups used novel IV’s, you will only need to write a paragraph about your DV for this assignment. Be sure to include information from the original source as well as the reliability for the DV, if relevant. If there is no reliability reported in the original citation then you must include a sentence indicating so.

Here are the Qualtrics surveys used in Group 1’s and Group 2’s experiments. I made some annotations that may be helpful when you write the Procedures and Measures subsections. Let me know if you have any questions. Psychology homework help