Psychology homework help

Question 1

Explain the factors/reasons for later life expectancy in late Adulthood. Explain some of the gender differences, genetic factors/differences, and ethnic differences, and other variables that could play a role.

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Psychology homework help
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Name three different types of health related concerns in late adulhood- example nutrition, mobility, eye sight etc.

(please provide outside academic support-reference)

Question 2:

Explain the different types of great parenting styles

explain alzheimers and dementia and some of the different treatment modalities being used medically( examples medications) and non medical-interventions (please provide outside academic support)- issues with memory decline and brain matter. Psychology homework help



Discuss some of the interventions that can be used for patients nearing death. Explain the Classic Grief Work Model.

Explain Kubler-Ross Death and Dying Cycle- Explain if everyone grieves in all the stages or can people skipped stages-explain your answer. (provide academic support support)

Explain some of the ethical and moral issues of “The Right To Die” and the different types of euthanasia

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Question 4:

Name two constructs that you learned from from the/videos/reading/powerpoints/clips posted on the chapters from adolescence-death and dying. Psychology homework help