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I’m sure that many of you are really excited about this week’s topic of psychopaths. For this post, let’s have fun. Please share a famous psychopath from real life or a movie/book (there are plenty to choose from). Please tell me what you believe made this person a psychopath. What factors played a role in this outcome? What could have changed this individual from becoming a psychopath? Responses do not have to be long but use information learned from this week’s lessons to support your explanations. Psychology homework help

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I recently learned what amygdala is, it is a small part in the brain, shaped like a little almond or a bean that holds onto emotions and trigger memories. This made me think of the prompt and comparing it to psychopath’s and their behavior. Two kinds of brain dysfunctions possibly linked to psychopaths would be empathy and guilty according to Blair (2013). Blair carries on describing that with a disconnection of emotions, increased reduction of guilt and empathy, there is also an increased risk for the individual to demonstrate antisocial behavior. Blair (2013) also describes that the described behavior, leads to individuals despite being institutionalized, it leads to recidivism. I’m not sure if there is an actual way to “fix” their behavior or have them in a way reconnect with their emotions but the lack of is a huge concerns as it is linked to regret, hurt, sadness and potential bonds.


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There are a couple misconceptions that stood out to me when researching this weeks discussion board. The first one is something we hear quite often and that is psycopathy and anti social personality disorder are on in the same. This is not true. APD is often diagnosed instead of psychopaths because psychopathy is not a diagnosis according to the DSM-5. Many of the APD characteristics mirror the characteristics of psychopathy therefore the 2 have not been separated in the DSM-5 and while APD is on the lower level of the scale higher levels of these characteristics could lead to a psychopathy diagnosis instead of APD. Another misconception that stood out to me is that it is only a male diagnosis. This is false, in movies and TV it is predominantly portrayed by males but females can have the same diagnosis. In 2013 Jodi Arias was evaluated bu a professor from Chatham University and the professor claimed that Arias showed psychopathy traits. the professor stated, “Arias flirted with reporters, displayed a narcissistic sense of entitlement and invulnerability, and threw Travis under the bus to make herself the victim (Ramsland, 2019). Female psychopaths want other’s approval more than males, they are prone to have a poor self image, and are more anxiety relative to males (Ramsland, 2019). They might use flirting and sexual conduct, fake suicide attempts, or pretend to be the victim in order to get their way. Psychology homework help