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Paper of a well-researched and reasoned evaluation of the Profile of a Graduate. Offer a comparison of the two characteristics you chose, using the research you completed during your previous Research Diary Log assignments. Explain the results of your research and conclude your paper with a proposal for how the two characteristics can be uniquely and meaningfully connected. Outline for this paper and need to follow. Psychology homework help


Two characteristics are Critical thinking and Global awareness
1.Title page
2. Introduction: Introducing the two Profile characteristics (1 paragraph)
o Profile Characteristic Number 1: Explanation and discussion (2–3 paragraphs)
o Profile Characteristic Number 2: Explanation and discussion (2–3 paragraphs)
1. Conclusion: Connecting the two Profile characteristics (1 paragraph)
2. Reference list
About 3 to 4 pages and APA format. Psychology homework help

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Psychology homework help
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