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Review the “How do I Know I am Learning” resource located in the Topic 2 Resources and answer the following questions:

  • What is the relationship between the topic objectives, the assignment, and the rubric? How is each component important to completing an assignment?
  • What are some strategies you have learned from the readings and assignments in this course so far that will help you complete your assignments both accurately and efficiently? Psychology homework help


Ah-Lan Coloma

Sep 4, 2023, 11:51 PM


The topic objectives organize what will be in the course. The assignments display the student’s level of competency and knowledge of what was covered. The rubric shows the criteria used to grade the assignments. As a student, the topic objectives will help you understand the areas of the course that are most important. These highlights will help the student properly prepare for course assignments. The rubric will help guide us in presenting our understanding. That’s the relationship that the three share. You can’t have one without the other.

To complete my assignments accurately and efficiently, I will exercise time management. I plan to use the course calendar and the syllabus to help me manage my DQ requirements. I will use the tools provided within this course to ensure that I’m citing correctly in my assignments, and using credible resources to complete my work. In addition, I plan to chip away at harder tasks throughout the week so I don’t feel rushed. I will use the ‘Promodoro technique’ to work over my time here with GCU. Psychology homework help

Tyler Zimmer

Sep 4, 2023, 8:58 PM


The topic objectives, assignment and rubric all collectively work together. The objective allows you to see what is important and what will be presented in the week to come. The assignment allows you to show what you have taken from the readings and apply them to the objectives. The rubric allows you top see what you shall be graded on. This will allow you to refer back to the objectives and tie those into the assignment.


One strategy that has helped me is the idea of time management and not letting procrastination set in. Being able to set time aside during the evening to work on the readings and then apply them to the questions will help me to effectively understand the content rather than  rushing through it at the end of the week. I also use the calendar and announcements in order to stay on top of my work. It is appreciated that everything is laid out so you know what to expect during the week.



Brandi Strickland

Sep 4, 2023, 7:59 PM


The topic, objective and rubric all work together to help us understand the assignment and what is expected. The topic and objective go together by telling what the assignment is and what is needed to complete it correctly. The rubric tells how assignments are graded and the requirements you must meet for the grades. You can look at the rubric throughout working on your assignment to make sure you are meeting all criteria. I think the things that will help me be successful is definitely time management, looking at all the resources offered and reviewing all of the assignments before starting them, and then again durning and after completion before submitting to make sure that I have met all criteria needed. Psychology homework help